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I shall initiate you into two magics that make all your wishes should come trueespecially those ones we don't dare even dream of.

All we need for both of the two magics are a magic gesture and magic words.



  1. MAGIC: Magic gesture (fig.1) – embrace yourself in your arms, caress your own face and body and while doing this (wit your eyes closed, if you wish)  say magic words: I  LOVE  MYSELF.
  2. MAGIC: Magic gesture (fig.2) – embrace your fellowman tenderly telling him or her magic words: I LOVE YOU.
  3. Instructions for practitioners of the magic: All this knowledge  should be properly used.

-         adults are needed to repeat the magic (both count equally) at least 8 times a day

-         for us, children, who still grow, is needed to repeat the magic (both count equall) at least 12 times a day

-         it is most important the magic is practised within  your families, however spreading the magic among your neighbours and elsewhere is recommendable, as far as the magic isn't protected by patent.

Whoever wants could come to me and I'll show him or her (with lot of love) how to do it. I LOVE YOU!


P.S. Because I love US I wish all our wishes to come true. NOW THIS IS REALLY NO PROBLEM! THIS IS A NEW YEAR'S GIFT FROM HEART OF SLOVENIA TO OUR HEARTS. Matej Sedmak – Peacehiker has decided together with his friends to spread hug massively  among us. Let's join him!


I wish you that all your wishes for this New Year and all future New Years should come true. Now you have had read the article you know how to do it.


Your Jester ZVONKO



Dr. Felice Leonardo Buscaglia, Ph.D. (Native ItalianMarch 31st, 1924 – Jun 11th, 1998) the first Ph.D. and university professor in the world who was lecturing at University of Southern California a subject named: LOVE. The idea was taken from a book of his lectures recorded by one of his girl students: »Live, LOVE and Learn